Our first out of town conference was a success, and we are grateful for all of those who attended and who helped in serving us to prepare for this event.  Blessings to Deacon David Crockett and his team as they served with excellence to assure that everything we needed and desired was there for our convenience.  We thank God for your diligence in serving each of us.  May the Lord continue to Bless and keep each one of you. 

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JULY Follow-Up Conference 2020

We currently do not have any scheduled follow-up dates for our conferences.  We will wait for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the release of the states for gatherings to start again.  Thank you for understanding and keep each other in prayer especially those who may be having marital problems during this time. If you need to reach out to so, please do not hesitate to do so. We appreciate your patience and love, blessings to you and your families, and in spite of the current circumstances, stay prayerful and keep Jesus first in all things.